[ARC] The Beau And The Belle by R.S Grey



Beau Fortier starred in most of my cringe-worthy teenage fantasies.

I met him when I was a junior in high school, a time that revolved exclusively around bad hair, failed forays into flirting, and scientific inquiries into which brand of toilet paper worked best for stuffing bras.

That is, until Beau moved into the small guest house just beyond my bedroom window.

A 24-year-old law student at Tulane, Beau was as mysterious to me as second base (both in baseball and in the bedroom). He was older. Intimidating. Hot. Boys my age had chicken legs and chubby cheeks. Beau had calloused hands and a jaw cut from steel. Our interactions were scarce—mostly involving slight stalking on my end—and yet deep down, I desperately hoped he saw me as more of a potential lover than a lovesick loser.

Turns out, I was fooling myself. My fragile ego learned that lesson the hard way.

Now, ten years later, we’re both back in New Orleans, and guess who suddenly can’t take his eyes off little ol’ me.

My old friend, Mr. Fortier.

But things have changed. I’m older now—poised and confident. My ego wears a bulletproof vest. The butterflies that once filled my stomach have all perished.

When I was a teenager, Beau warned me to guard my heart.

Let’s hope he knows how to guard his.


Copy of kiss the single life goodbye!

kiss the single life goodbye!

The QUEEN of RomComs is BACK!

This book is divided into two parts.
Part one – the past
Part two- the present

Beau Fortier, a twenty-four year old Tulane student, is looking for a place to live while he attends law school. And he just so happens to find a guest house to rent that belongs to the LeBlanc’s. All Beau is focusing on is to graduate Law school, become a successful and powerful lawyer and to rebuild the Fortier name.

Lauren LeBlanc, the wild-curly haired, high school student, first met Beau when he moved into the guest house on her parents property. There were instant sparks the first time they met but nothing could happen because of the age gap. They both know that. But that doesn’t stop their feelings to develop for each other. But after hurricane Andrea causes them to separate, they don’t meet again until much later.

Ten years later, Lauren is back home to open her gallery&coffee shop. She more beautiful, successful and determined to stay away from Beau despite the feelings she still has for him. But Beau isn’t having it. He couldn’t have her when they first met, but now he’ll stop at nothing to get her. I loved Beau in the first part of the book, but god did I love the successful, alpha lawyer Beau that we got to read in the second part.

R.S Grey has been one of my favourite authors since Scoring Wilder. She writes Romance Comedy like no one else. There was absolutely nothing I didn’t like in this book. R.S Grey has never let me down with the characters and stories she creates and I can with full confidence say this is one of the best books by her.


[ARC] Bad For You by J. Daniels



Shayla Perkins isn’t the kind of girl who makes the same mistake twice, especially when it comes to Sean “Stitch” Molina. So when he gives her the world’s biggest rejection, that’s it—she’s done. Until the sexy, silent, unavailable Sean makes Shay a very personal offer. Of course, it still doesn’t mean he’s interested in her. Or does it?

Sean has done things in life. Bad things. And he’s paid the price. All he wants now is to make up for his past by doing good in the present. And no one deserves more good than Shay. Beautiful on the inside and out, Shay is the kind of woman who should be cared for and protected—especially from a man like Sean. He’s tried to keep his feelings for her in check, but a single, reckless impulse pulls them closer than ever before.

Soon the two are sharing their biggest dreams and satisfying their deepest desires. But what will happen if the only way to truly give one another want they want most . . . is to let each other go?


Copy of kiss the single life goodbye!

kiss the single life goodbye!

Oh my god. Sean, my love, you broke my heart!

“I’m so fuckin’ sick of being’ nothin’, Shayla.”
“You’re not nothing.” I said, pulling him into a hug.

Get ready for this slow burn.
And to get your heart broken. Completely.

Sean “Stitch” Molina is a broken man. A broody, angry and alone man. He’s been through a hell of a childhood. With a mom who never showed him any love or kindness. He grew up hungry and cold, having to steal food and clothes to take care of himself. Now, he’s the head chef at ‘Whitecaps’ and trying to be the best he can be.

Shayla Perkins, the happy, talky waitress, at ‘Whitecaps’ is the only person that can get to Sean. But after he stands her up, she keeps her distance from him. She tries to keep her focus on work and on her dreams, to open her own salon. But when her Nana dies, and her parents have to leave, she offers to take care of her brothers. But taking care of her brothers while juggling her own life, turns out to be harder than she thought. But then the person she least expected comes to her rescue. Broody Sean.

Sean doesn’t feel worthy. He believes he doesn’t deserve kindness and love. But Shay forces love and kindness on him. She makes it her mission in life to make him feel loved and worthy. She helps him through his nightmares and demons and shows him a place of light.

“Don’t quit talking’ to me,” he begged.
“I won’t. Ever.”
“I want you filling’ my head. I want it so fuckin’ bad.”
God his pain—it became my own—I felt it.

This story really got to me. I knew from the previous books that Sean would be the man to really break my heart. But he was also the one who I really fell in love with. This story will forever be with me. I loved Shayla and Sean’s story. I loved how she was the strong one and made sure Sean knew that she would always be there for him to lean on. I loved that she thought Sean to love and see good in the world. And I absolutely loved their Happy ever after. Shay is everything Sean deserves.

“He didn’t feel worthy. And he was absolutely worthy. Not just of me, but of everything good this world had to offer him. Of love. Of kindness. And I was going to make sure he knew that for good.”


[ARC] Team Player: A Sports Romance Anthology—Switch Hitter by Sara Ney

Hot jocks. We love them all.
Sexy baseball players. Intense footballers. Sweaty MMA fighters, and sizzling hockey hotties. Score!
The good news? Eleven bestselling authors have gathered to give you a set of stories focused on the men we love most—sports heroes. We bet you’ll love this thick … book.
The bad news? The men in these novellas don’t actually exist.
Enjoy this naughty Christmas treat!*
*This anthology does not contain calories, just eleven original, never-before-seen stories by the following authors: Adriana Locke, Mandi Beck, Charleigh Rose, Kennedy Ryan, LJ Shen, Meghan Quinn, Rochelle Paige, Ella Fox, Kate Stewart, Emma Scott, and Sara Ney. We aren’t responsible for melted devices.

Team Player:
Adriana Locke (Cross)
Charleigh Rose (Yard Sale)
Ella Fox (Out of Formation)
Emma Scott (One Good Man)
Kate Stewart (Sweeping the Series)
Kennedy Ryan (Full Court Press)
L.J. Shen (The End Zone)
Mandi Beck (Sin Bin)
Meghan Quinn (Back in the Game)
Rochelle Paige (Slapped Into Love)
Sara Ney (Switch Hitter) 

Copy of kiss the single life goodbye!-2

I looked forward to Sara Ney’s Switch Hitter and I was not disappointed.
The story of Dash and Amelia was sweet, funny and sexy.

When Amelia’s twin sister, Lucy, pleads her to go on a date with baseball player, Dash, and pretend to be her, Amelia instantly refuses. That was something they used to to when they were younger and Amelia believes it is impossible for them to pull this off now. They are too different. While her sister is cheerful, flirtatious and sexy, Amelia is the complete opposite.
After a bunch of begging, Amelia finally agrees to go on this date with Dash Amado. . . but only this once.

I run down the facts Lucy gave me about Dash:
Six foot one.
Catcher on the baseball team.
Lives on Jock Row in the baseball house.

Dash didn’t really want this date with Lucy. She is not really his type and she couldn’t for the life of it hold up a conversation. But on the third date, she’s different, smarter and even more beautiful and she now speaks fluent Spanish.

Once more, my eyes roam to the tiny indent near her mouth, lingering there.
Nope. That definitely wasn’t there before.
Was it?
It’s adorable—I’d definitely remember.
Wouldn’t I?
Jesus Christ, estoy perdiendo la cabeza. I’m losing my damn mind.

Amelia hadn’t expected Dash to be so. . . handsome and intelligent. And she did not expect herself to start liking him. But she can’t walk down that road. Her sister likes this guy. Right?

Dash Amado is not only amazingly hot.
He’s amazing

This anthology has a set of stories of sexy, sporty men, but I couldn’t bring myself to love all of them. Switch Hitter is the only one I thoroughly enjoyed. But if you enjoy sports, sexy men and some sexy time—you’ll love this anthology.

Thirty Day Boyfriend by Whitney G.



I should’ve never agreed to this arrangement…

Thirty days ago, my boss—Mr. Wolf of Wall Street, came to me with an offer I couldn’t refuse: Sign my name on the dotted line and pretend to be his fiancée for one month. If I agreed, he would let me out of my employment contract with a “very generous” severance package.

The rules were pretty simple: No intimate kissing, no actual sex. Just pretend to love each other for the press, even though I’ve secretly wanted to knock that sexy smirk off his face since the first day we met.

I definitely didn’t need to think twice about this. I signed my name and started counting down the seconds to when I would never have to deal with his special brand of ass-holery again.

I only made it to one minute…

We argued the entire four-hour flight to his hometown, failed to make a convincing impression with the welcoming press, and right when I was about to knock that arrogant look off his face in real life? He purposely dropped his bath towel in front of me, distracting me with his nine-inch cock to “show me who the bigger person was” in our relationship. Then he gave me his trademark smirk once again and asked if I wanted to consummate our marriage.
Tragically, this is only day one.
We still have 29 more days to go…


Copy of kiss the single life goodbye!

kiss the single life goodbye!

Cocky, douchebag boss? ✓
Fed up, sassy assistant? ✓
Sexual tension? ✓
Fake relationship? ✓ 


I’m not the biggest fan of short stories. I need more than just a few pages but Whitney G. is one of the authors who can write a shortie and also manage to fit so much passion and love in it.

Emily Johnson wants out of her contract with her boss. She’s been his right hand for two years and for long now, she’s been trying everything to get out of the solid contract. She’s been going to job interviews behind his back but Nicholas always manages to ruin them.

Nicholas Wolfe needs a fiancee for a month. Someone who can help him look like a family man so he can sign the multi-million contract. After interviewing several women for the position, and failing to find someone eligible, he offers the position to Emily. Who’s better than the woman who knows literally everything about him?

Thirty days ago, my boss—Mr. Wolf of Wall Street, came to me with an offer I couldn’t refuse: Sign my name on the dotted line and pretend to be his fiancée for one month. 

I loved their relationship. Nicholas could be a bit of a douche but Emily faced him with sass and attitude. They were sexy AF together and I wanted more when I finished.

The Fortunate Ones by R.S. Grey

At Twin Oaks Country Club, there are the fortunate ones, and then there are the rest of us: the waiters, the caddies, the valets, and in my case, the cabana girls. Most days, I’m poolside in a pleated skirt, dishing out margaritas to tycoons and titans. It’s not exactly my dream job, but it does come with one perk…

James Ashwood.

He’s my silver lining in a custom black suit.

Besides being a legacy member at the club, he’s a tech mogul and Austin’s most eligible bachelor. Oh, and those dimples? Yeah, they make my stomach dip too.

On good days, I catch his sleek Porsche winding down the tree-lined drive. On better days, I steal a glimpse of his handsome profile as we pass in the hall. And on the absolute best day, I find him alone at the bar, looking for company.

“Come have a seat.”

Those four little words set me down a path I never could have imagined. Private planes, penthouse suites, and temptations around every corner make it impossible to keep my distance. His world feels decadent and wild—but overindulgence comes with a cost. Every kiss comes with strings. Every erotic encounter is a promise I’m not ready to keep.

When I pump the brakes, he hits the gas. James doesn’t want to go slow—he wants a commitment.

And the thing about the fortunate ones?

They’re used to getting what they want.

Copy of kiss the single life goodbye!

He’s my silver lining in a custom black suit.

R.S Grey has never disappointed. Ever. Once again, she has shown through this book that she’s the queen of RomComs! Every book she’s written, I’ve devoured. And this one was no different. It was funny, witty, sexy and just everything I love about R.S Grey’s books.

Brooke hates her job at Twin Oaks, working as a cabana girl. She hates all the snobby rich kids, the rich housewives and all the snobby, old men who hit on her every second they can. What she really wants to do is travel and work as an au pair while teaching French.
The only highlight about working at Twin Oaks is getting to see James Ashwood up close. The rich, famous businessman every woman, young as old, swoons over.

James Ashwood wants to settle down. And the sexy, smart and young cabana girl has caught his attention. But Brooke doesn’t want the same things as James. He wants a wife, someone he can come home to after a long day at the office. Brooke wants to teach and travel the world.

This book was sexy, funny and cute. I loved it! But, Brooke’s back and forth behaviour got on my nerves from time to time. I wished she had been more sure about James and their relationship and I wanted them to fight harder for each other. But, I still loved this story of Brooke and James.

[ARC] We were memories by Brandi Aga



Someone once told me never leave the one you love for the one you like…
…you just might get something more out of that relationship than you bargained for.
I should have listened…
I never should have stepped foot on that airplane…
But I did.
Sins come in all shapes and sizes. My biggest sin to date comes in the form of sex, tattoos, and Harleys. Roman Blackhart, owner of Blackhart Custom Motorcycles, is all about living life in the fast lane. Our relationship went from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye. Only problem is, I have a secret. A secret so deep it’s pulling me in two different directions.

Now we’re 1,400 miles of memories and broken hearts. I just hope it’s not too late to put all the pieces back together again.


1.5 Stars

This was one very confusing and boring read for me. I kind of got the feeling I wouldn’t like it from the third chapter. It’s not very often I dislike both the heroine and hero, but unfortunately that was the case here.

Leylah has been married to Ryan for nine years and their marriage is rocky. Ryan is frequently on business trips and the communication between them is lacking. So after Leila’s best friend, Erin, downloads a dating app on her phone, she receives a message from a man named Roman. That’s where their story starts. She’s a bit unsure at first, wether to keep replying to him or not. But as Ryan keeps drifting away, she finds comfort in Roman’s messages. After some time, messaging back and forth and talking on the phone, they decide to finally meet.

I did have some problems with the whole story.
1.Ryan wasn’t a bad guy. He was only prioritising his work more than his wife. And having her chat on him didn’t feel right to me.
2.Leylah and Roman together didn’t do it for me.
3.I got so confused towards the ending. It felt like Ryan was now the hero of the story and Roman was just a side character.

So all in all, I didn’t quite enjoy this book.
But as I always say, this is only my thoughts on the book.

Accidentally on Purpose (Heartbreaker Bay, #3) by Jill Shalvis



There’s no such thing as a little in love…

Elle Wheaten’s priorities: friends, career, and kick-ass shoes. Then there’s the muscular wall of stubbornness that’s security expert Archer Hunt—who comes before everything else. No point in telling Mr. “Feels-Free Zone” that, though. Elle will just see other men until she gets over Archer . . . which should only take a lifetime . . .

There’s no such thing as a little in lust…

Archer’s wanted the best for Elle ever since he sacrificed his law-enforcement career to save her. But now that she’s earned happiness and success, Archer just wants Elle 24/7. Their chemistry could start the next San Francisco Earthquake, and Archer doesn’t want to be responsible for the damage. The alternative? Watch her go out with guys who aren’t him . . .

There is such a thing as…

As far as Archer’s concerned, nobody is good enough for Elle. But when he sets out to prove it by sabotaging her dates, she gets mad—and things get hot as hell. Now Archer has a new mission: prove to Elle that her perfect man has been here all along…


Copy of kiss the single life goodbye!

love you.png
Jill Shalvis had done it again! Archer Hunt was everything! This fucking book was everything. I loved every minute of it.

Elle Wheaton is a beautiful, young woman who loves her job, her friends and where she’s at. She’s the woman who’s always put together, had everyone following her orders with a snap of a finger.
But she wasn’t always like this. She came from a unbalanced home with a grifter mother. Elle and her sister, Morgan, wanted a better life, free of trouble. But Morgan had a hard time leaving trouble behind, and after coming clean to Elle that she had been involved in a jewelery heist, Elle says she’ll take care of it.

Anything for her and her sister to get out of there. But Morgan’s boyfriend, Lars, was anything but forgiving. Elle, being pinned to a wall, about to be beaten by her sister’s boyfriend, did not expect the police to barge in on a drug bust. She had a guardian angel. Archer Hunt. The rookie cop.

“Truthfully, she was the best thing in his life and he was a complete idiot if he let her walk away from him.”

Archer had been undercover when he first saw Elle and had risked his cover to get her out of the shitty place. Saving her had cost him everything. He had lost his job and his relationship with his cop father went down hill. Elle had been at the wrong place at the wrong time. He’d seen how weak, beaten, sad and fragile she’d been. Now years later, he owns Hunt Investigations, working in the same building as Elle, but they either ignore each other of argue like children.

Elle: I’m going to kiss you!
Archer: With tongue?
Elle: Kill you. I’m going to KILL you. Ducking autocorrect!

“Are you angry? Because we do some of our best naked work when you’re angry.”

I loved Archer the moment he appeared in the previous books. He was quiet, broody and all bad boy and I loved it. Elle was the complete opposite of him which made them so perfect for each other. I loved how even though Archer always protected and secretly cared for Elle. He was the real alpha man when it came to her and it was hot as hell. When these two got into bed together, I had to fan myself at the fire they created.

“I want in your life, Elle. All the way in.”

This is a must read and this one was the best one yet!